January 4, 2023

California Beach Couples Session – Beba & Beau

Over the years as a wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity of meeting so many amazing, beautiful and kind people. This job allows me to create lasting connections beyond what I thought was possible, which is honestly so crazy. One connection that I am so grateful for is Beba + Beau. Beba is a fellow photographer and such a sweetheart. I met her a few years ago and we just clicked! Feel free to check her out on IG here! Her husband, Beau, matches her energy perfectly and we have so much fun every time we shoot. They recently bought a house back home in Kansas (!!!!) so we had to do a little California beach session to send them off with some memories of their years here. This session definitely serves as inspiration for any couples looking for some couples photoshoot ideas.

We decided a final “goodbye” shoot with her little fam was in order. We headed to Laguna Beach and documented this moment for Beba, Beau and their pup, Belle.

Couples Photoshoot Ideas – California Beach Session with Beba, Beau & Belle

We spent the night running across the sand and soaking up the rays of sunshine. We really wanted to create a lasting memory and close this chapter in their lives in order for them to start a new one. Beba wanted me to shoot both digital and film to preserve these moments, and I’m just obsessed with how they turned out. Film is real, raw, and the outcome is always perfectly imperfect. As the sun began to set, Beba and Beau jumped into the brisk water, held each other, and watched the sun set on their time in California.

Reminder: You definitely don’t need to be engaged or getting married to invest in a session with your partner. It’s not just about documenting those moments, but about documenting this current moment.

Please enjoy these photos as a documentation of their final days as California residents. And if you’re loving these couples photoshoot ideas, check out this blog next.

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