December 1, 2022

Lake Tahoe California Engagement | Lauren & Michael

California is seriously one of the most amazing states because of how diverse it is… beaches, lakes, mountains, deserts and all easily accessible (and I’m definitely not biased). Lake Tahoe is one of those spots I will never get over. It’s an actual oasis with the most insane views, cutest towns, and best spots for photos. Lauren and Michael are getting married here next year. So they wanted to do their engagement photos in another spot on the lake that they might not get photos at during the wedding day. Their Lake Tahoe California Engagement photos were nothing but laughter, joy and celebration for their love.

This might be my favorite story ever of connecting with clients, so prepare yourselves. In Lauren’s own words:

“Last August, Michael and I took a weeklong roadtrip through southern Utah on our way to pick up our 8-week-old Australian Shepherd pup. On our last night, we hiked the Canyon Overlook Trail to watch the sun set over Zion. As we approached the canyon, we noticed a couple and their photographer walking out to the cliff alongside us, and stood by as they exchanged vows. It was one of those moments that stayed with us long after: her dress, the vista behind them, golden hour turning to blue hour, the wind blowing, and their photographer, slinging a film camera and wearing denim shorts and hiking boots, documenting a beautiful and pivotal moment in their lives. As we walked away, I think we said something to each other along the lines of, ‘”‘Wow, those three were so cool.’⁠

A month ago, I was scrolling through my Explore feed and did a triple take when I came across your photos of Karina and Anil. I literally sprinted to Michael in the other room, and he confirmed that it was you three that we stood next to in Zion that night… And I could tell that you had such a real connection to Karina and Anil — even while exchanging vows on a public trail, they looked so comfortable and full of joy, like they were the only two people in the world. It feels like fate that our paths crossed that day. The following morning, we picked up our pup Murphy and started a new chapter of our lives — and we’d love for you to help us capture our next one.” ⁠

I honestly cried reading this message. I just can’t believe how lucky I am to meet and connect with such special people. Nothing is a coincidence, and I completely feel we were meant to cross paths. Lauren and Michael met basically the storyline of Friends. Neighbors turned lovers and now are the perfect match for each other. They both compliment each other in the best ways possible and it was evident throughout their engagement session (I don’t think we ever stopped laughing or chatting the entire time). They spend so much time in Lake Tahoe, so bringing it back to the foundation of where so much of their relationship began was so important.

Lake Tahoe California Engagement

Lake Tahoe is an absolutely beautiful freshwater lake located on the border of California and Nevada. It has some of the most beautiful clear blue water I’ve ever seen and the mountain views are insane. Definitely a must-see destination if you’ve never been before. We first made our way to Eagle Rock. Which was about a half-mile hike to the top from where we parked. The views were impeccable and I just couldn’t believe the light we got on this day. Lauren and Michael also brought along their influencer/pup Murphy (@murphythelady) for me to meet, and she just made it even more fun.

We wandered throughout Eagle Rock before making our way to Squaw Valley for sunset & blue hour. We popped bubbly, ran around, and watched as the sky turned into the gorgeous rich blue for our last shots. Then, we headed to a nearby bar & grill for a little food and beer to end the night. After reading the first email from Lauren, I knew we’d hit it off, but this day made me truly fall in love with these two. So grateful to connect with clients turned friends like these!!

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